Action Auto-Craft (I)

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Action Auto-Craft (I).jpg
Type: Action
Min. Level: 30
Aquired Action: Auto-Craft
You can reach Action Level 30.
Cannot be used in battle

Effect: Increases Auto-Craft skill by 1 level.

Production Rate: 2 per batch
Necessary Workload: 50,000 (25,000 per item)
Action skill must be 1 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 1,118,000 gold (559,000 gold per item)
Total Workload: 96,000 (48,000 per item)
You gain 1,000 experience in Action per batch (500 per item)


Multi-Hued Crystal Shard 5
Platinum Ingot 50
Hammer (I) 100
Enchant Stone (I) 10


Not dropped by any Known Monsters

Reward in Quests

Don't Scare Me! Quest   1

Craftable Items

Not used for crafting any Known Items

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Action Auto-Craft (I).

5 x Multi-Hued Crystal Shard at 119,600 gold and 46,000 workload each (Crafted)
1 x Phoenix Crystal at 80,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
1 x Giant Crystal at 80,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
1 x Redemption Crystal at 80,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
1 x Dragon Crystal at 350,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
1 x Ashen Crystal at 8,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
50 x Platinum Ingot at 10,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
100 x Hammer (I) at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
10 x Enchant Stone (I) at 1,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
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