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Agile Megatherium

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Agile Megatherium.jpg
Level: 111
Attack Power: 4792~6465
Experience: 18816
Animal Type
Magic Skill: Self-Destruct


Big Slab of Lumber Medium
Hero's Blood Very Low
Revival Plant Medium
Thick Animal Bone Low
Large Animal Bone Very Low
Sharpened Claw Very Low


North America X: 2132 Y: 1534
North America X: 2673 Y: 1195
North America X: 2270 Y: 1548
North America X: 2193 Y: 1563
North America X: 2727 Y: 1192
North America X: 2571 Y: 1304
North America X: 2611 Y: 1342
North America X: 2622 Y: 1405
North America X: 2591 Y: 1450
North America X: 2362 Y: 1492
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