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Agonizing Chimera

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Unknown Monster.jpg
Level: 110
Attack Power: 6539~9162
Experience: 63716
Animal Type
Magic Skill: None
Strong Will
Effect: Monsters with Strong Will are more resistant to bewitching.


Ruby Very Low
Blue Sapphire Very Low
Tanzanite Low
Platinum Ingot Low
Gold Ingot High
Opal Low
Freezing Equipment Box Very Low
Frozen Soul Very Low
Broken Machine Key Very Low


Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 123 Y: 144
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 118 Y: 120
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 135 Y: 93
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 108 Y: 97
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 102 Y: 73
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 127 Y: 52
Tundra Outskirts (Skirmish) X: 154 Y: 66
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