Albert's Special Bait

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Albert's Special Bait.jpg
Type: Fishing
Cannot be sold at auction

Production Rate: 100 per batch
Necessary Workload: 71,600 (716 per item)
Fishing skill must be 46 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 102,000 gold (1,020 gold per item)
Total Workload: 110,100 (1,101 per item)
You gain 1,432 experience in Fishing per batch (14.32 per item)
Requirement: Fishing level 120


Dumpling 350
Grilled Pork 350
Sesame Oil 50


Not dropped by any Known Monsters

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Action Fishing (IV)

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Albert's Special Bait.

350 x Dumpling at 100 gold and 500 workload each (Crafted)
140 x Pork at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
210.00 x Wheat at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
350 x Grilled Pork at 120 gold and 600 workload each (Crafted)
280 x Pork at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
140 x Salt at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
50 x Sesame Oil at 500 gold each (Fixed Price)
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