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Alloy Doll Warrior

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Alloy Doll Warrior.jpg
Level: 56
Attack Power: 224~525
Experience: 2697
Metal Type
Magic Skill: None


Copper Ore Very Low
Silver Ingot Medium
Pearl Very Low
Redemption Crystal Very Low
Bran Castle Equipment Box Very Low
Dark Knight's Equipment Box Very Low


Shadow Jail 4F X: 67 Y: 75
Shadow Jail 4F X: 97 Y: 37
Shadow Jail 4F X: 128 Y: 37
Shadow Jail 4F X: 113 Y: 80
Shadow Jail 4F X: 206 Y: 72
Shadow Jail 4F X: 164 Y: 110
Shadow Jail 4F X: 256 Y: 56
Shadow Jail 4F X: 278 Y: 130
Shadow Jail 4F X: 236 Y: 155
Shadow Jail 4F X: 201 Y: 138
Secret Room of Sorrow X: 14 Y: 9
Secret Room of Sorrow X: 25 Y: 17
Secret Room of Sorrow X: 25 Y: 23
Secret Room of Sorrow X: 25 Y: 29
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