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Angkor Wat Quest Chain

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The Angkor Wat Quest Chain is started from Jayavarman. This quest chain requires your character to be level 24 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Angkor Wat In Peril Quest Jayavarman 1,500 5,000g
Help Sachen Quest Jayavarman 1,500 6,500g Life Potion (II) x3
Bothersome Beasts Quest Boy Monk 1,500 5,000g Scroll of Reinforcements (II) x5
Enhancing the Force Field 1 Quest Boy Monk 1,500 7,500g Commodity Box (I) x5
Collecting Relics Quest Jayavarman 1,500 7,500g Life Potion (II) x5
Let's Make a Reliquary Quest Jayavarman 2,000 8,000g Gain Crafting Skill Armor
You Must Be Self Sufficient Quest Jayavarman 2,000 9,500g Life Potion (II) x5
Skills First Quest Jayavarman 2,000 9,500g Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5
Advanced Item Crafting Quest Jayavarman 2,000 8,500g
Much Later Quest Jayavarman 2,000 9,500g
Purifying the Relic Box Quest Jayavarman 2,500 9,500g Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5
Complete the Relic Box Quest Boy Monk 2,500 Life Potion (II) x3
Ogre Scales Quest Boy Monk 2,500 7,500g
The Prince Feels Wronged Quest Jayavarman 2,500
Friends? Quest Jayavarman 2,500
Let's Make It Clear Quest Jayavarman 2,500 9,500g
Clearing Up the Confusion Quest Sachen 3,000 8,500g
The Missing Step Quest Sachen 3,000 8,500g Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5
True Purification Quest Sachen 3,000 9,000g
That's Ok, Never Mind Quest Jayavarman 3,000 9,000g Crafting Skill Accessory
Ultimate Abilities Quest Jayavarman 3,000 9,000g Scroll of Reinforcements (II) x5
Preparation Is Underway Quest Jayavarman 3,000 10,000g Life Potion (II) x3
Enhancing the Force Field 2 Quest Sachen 3,000 10,000g
Guild of Adventurers Quest Sachen 3,000 Old Treasure Map x5
Poor Apprentice Quest Sachen 3,500 10,500g Angkor Wat Equipment Box x5
... Quest Boy Monk 3,500
Naga Queen's Plot Quest Jayavarman 4,000 11,000g
The Last Upgrade Quest Jayavarman 4,000 11,000g Life Potion (II) x5
Disposal of the Naga Queen Quest Jayavarman 7,500 35,000g Insect Equipment Box x2
A Farewell Quest Jayavarman 4,000
Totals 83,000 234,500g
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