Arabian School

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Arabian School.jpg
Type: Building
Note: This building is necessary to have a Arabian School in the town.
Cannot be sold at auction

This item can only be made through guild crafting.

Production Rate: 1 per batch
Necessary Workload: 150,000 (150,000 per item)
Building skill must be 25 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 2,680,500 gold (2,680,500 gold per item)
You gain 3,000 experience in Building per batch (3,000 per item)


Maple 205
Thick Tree Branch 250
Slab of Lumber 300
Silver Thread 200
Embroidery Thread 200
Tanzanite 236
Silver Ingot 845


Not dropped by any Known Monsters

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Not used for crafting any Known Items

Craftprice Breakdown

Below is the Craftprice breakdown of Arabian School.

205 x Maple at 100 gold each (Fixed Price)
250 x Thick Tree Branch at 300 gold each (Fixed Price)
300 x Slab of Lumber at 1,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
200 x Silver Thread at 1,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
200 x Embroidery Thread at 300 gold each (Fixed Price)
236 x Tanzanite at 5,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
845 x Silver Ingot at 1,000 gold each (Fixed Price)
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