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Asura's Equipment Box

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Asura's Equipment Box.jpg
Type: Box
Right-click the icon to use this item.
Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be crafted

Note: You only get 1 item type per box


Asura's Bow
Asura's Cannon
Asura's Instrument
Asura's Rifle
Asura's Shield
Asura's Spear
Asura's Whip


Abysmal Lord Low Level 58
Asura Very Low Level 35
Banished Monk Very Low Level 51
Blue Ogre Very Low Level 29
Cannibal Demon Very Low Level 56
Cursed Monk Very Low Level 52
Depraved Monk Very Low Level 50
Devil Monk Very Low Level 29
Evil Monk Very Low Level 28
Fallen Monk Very Low Level 27
Fallen Naga Sorcerer Very Low Level 56
Fallen Naga Warrior Very Low Level 55
Golem Sorcerer Very Low Level 32
Huge Golem Very Low Level 33
Moss Golem Very Low Level 31
Naga Sorcerer Very Low Level 34
Naga Warrior Very Low Level 33
Ogre King Very Low Level 31
White Ogre Very Low Level 30

Found in the Following Boxs

Silver Box

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests
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