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Book Crafting

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You can learn book crafting from Shakespeare for a price. Shakespeare can be found in Rome's Bazaar.

Craftable Items

Book Flame Sword (II) Level 1
Book Static Shield (II) Level 1
Book Electron Field (II) Level 1
Book Lightning Spear (II) Level 5
Book Direct Current (II) Level 5
Book Impulse (II) Level 5
Book Lightning Lash (II) Level 5
Book Divine Thunder (II) Level 5
Book Heaven's Fury (II) Level 5
Book Parting Shot (II) Level 5
Book Agile Counter (II) Level 5
Book Hunter's Mark (II) Level 5
Book Piercing Arrow (II) Level 5
Book Silence (II) Level 10
Book Wild Shot (II) Level 15
Book Blessing of Life (II) Level 17
Book Brutal Will (II) Level 17
Book Hex of Darkness (II) Level 17
Book Mana Shield (II) Level 17
Book Awakening (II) Level 19
Book Holy Guard (II) Level 19
Book Protect (II) Level 19
Book Shield of Protection (II) Level 19
Book Static Shield (III) Level 20
Book Electron Field (III) Level 20
Book Freezing Axe (II) Level 21
Book Deep Insight (II) Level 21
Book Melody of Madness (II) Level 22
Book Ravaging Melody (II) Level 22
Book Beast Summon (II) Level 23
Book Mana Drain (II) Level 25
Book Mana Recharge (II) Level 25
Book Meteor Strike (II) Level 25
Book Mana Trap (II) Level 25
Book Direct Current (III) Level 25
Book Impulse (III) Level 25
Book Lightning Lash (III) Level 25
Book Divine Thunder (III) Level 25
Book Heaven's Fury (III) Level 25
Book Parting Shot (III) Level 25
Book Agile Counter (III) Level 25
Book Hunter's Mark (III) Level 25
Book Piercing Arrow (III) Level 25
Book Mana Seal (II) Level 27
Book Seal Staff (II) Level 27
Book Mana Burn (II) Level 27
Book Speed Cast (II) Level 27
Book Family Signet (II) Level 29
Book Imperial Signet (II) Level 29
Book Princess' Order (II) Level 29
Book Royal Signet (II) Level 29
Book Broken Spear (II) Level 31
Book Concentrate (II) Level 31
Book Rusty Axe (II) Level 31
Book Shattered Sword (II) Level 31
Book Sundered Power Saw (II) Level 31
Book Healing (II) Level 33
Book Seth's Will (II) Level 33
Book Vortex (II) Level 33
Book Summon Machine (II) Level 35
Book Smoke Bomb (II) Level 36
Book Break Down (II) Level 37
Book Chaos Wind (II) Level 37
Book Dark Seed (II) Level 37
Book Deadly Shot (II) Level 37
Book Deadly Strike (II) Level 37
Book Evanescent Scud (II) Level 37
Book Guard Dispel (II) Level 37
Book Noble Sacrifice (II) Level 37
Book Chainsaw Blade (II) Level 38
Book Ice Ridge Axe (II) Level 38
Book Light Slash (II) Level 38
Book Multi Arrow (II) Level 38
Book Shooting Stance (II) Level 38
Book Storm Blast (II) Level 38
Book Hwarang's Aura (II) Level 38
Book Seal Instrument (II) Level 38
Book Hwarang's Fury (II) Level 38
Book Hallucination (II) Level 38
Book Seal Power Saw (II) Level 38
Book Salvation (II) Level 38
Book Broken Arrows (II) Level 38
Book Sacrificial Awakening (II) Level 38
Book Power Saw Raid (II) Level 38
Book Flame Sword (III) Level 39
Book Lightning Spear (III) Level 39
Book Silence (III) Level 39
Book Wild Shot (III) Level 39
Book Blessing of Life (III) Level 40
Book Brutal Will (III) Level 40
Book Hex of Darkness (III) Level 40
Book Mana Shield (III) Level 40
Book Static Shield (IV) Level 40
Book Electron Field (IV) Level 40
Book Holy Guard (III) Level 41
Book Protect (III) Level 41
Book Awakening (III) Level 41
Book Shield of Protection (III) Level 41
Book Deep Insight (III) Level 42
Book Freezing Axe (III) Level 42
Book Ravaging Melody (III) Level 42
Book Melody of Madness (III) Level 42
Book Beast Summon (III) Level 43
Book Mana Drain (III) Level 44
Book Mana Recharge (III) Level 44
Book Mana Trap (III) Level 44
Book Meteor Strike (III) Level 44
Book Mana Seal (III) Level 45
Book Mana Burn (III) Level 45
Book Seal Staff (III) Level 45
Book Speed Cast (III) Level 45
Book Direct Current (IV) Level 45
Book Impulse (IV) Level 45
Book Lightning Lash (IV) Level 45
Book Divine Thunder (IV) Level 45
Book Heaven's Fury (IV) Level 45
Book Parting Shot (IV) Level 45
Book Agile Counter (IV) Level 45
Book Hunter's Mark (IV) Level 45
Book Piercing Arrow (IV) Level 45
Book Family Signet (III) Level 46
Book Imperial Signet (III) Level 46
Book Princess' Order (III) Level 46
Book Royal Signet (III) Level 46
Book Broken Spear (III) Level 47
Book Concentrate (III) Level 47
Book Rusty Axe (III) Level 47
Book Shattered Sword (III) Level 47
Book Sundered Power Saw (III) Level 47
Book Healing (III) Level 48
Book Seth's Will (III) Level 48
Book Vortex (III) Level 48
Book Summon Machine (III) Level 49
Book Smoke Bomb (III) Level 50
Book Thunder Soul (II) Level 50
Book Righteous Bolt (II) Level 50
Book Storm Master (II) Level 50
Book Break Down (III) Level 51
Book Chaos Wind (III) Level 51
Book Dark Seed (III) Level 51
Book Deadly Shot (III) Level 51
Book Deadly Strike (III) Level 51
Book Evanescent Scud (III) Level 51
Book Noble Sacrifice (III) Level 51
Book Chainsaw Blade (III) Level 52
Book Ice Ridge Axe (III) Level 52
Book Light Slash (III) Level 52
Book Multi Arrow (III) Level 52
Book Shooting Stance (III) Level 52
Book Storm Blast (III) Level 52
Book Hwarang's Aura (III) Level 52
Book Seal Instrument (III) Level 52
Book Hwarang's Fury (III) Level 52
Book Hallucination (III) Level 52
Book Seal Power Saw (III) Level 52
Book Salvation (III) Level 52
Book Broken Arrows (III) Level 52
Book Sacrificial Awakening (III) Level 52
Book Power Saw Raid (III) Level 52
Book War Cry (II) Level 53
Book Sparta (II) Level 53
Book Marauder's Edge (II) Level 53
Book Crimson Blade (II) Level 53
Book War Cry (III) Level 54
Book Sparta (III) Level 54
Book Marauder's Edge (III) Level 54
Book Crimson Blade (III) Level 54
Book Blood Vengeance (II) Level 55
Book Toxic Sword (II) Level 55
Book Thunder Soul (III) Level 55
Book Righteous Bolt (III) Level 55
Book Storm Master (III) Level 55
Book Blood Vengeance (III) Level 56
Book Toxic Sword (III) Level 56
Book Blazing Earth (II) Level 57
Book Destructive Instinct (II) Level 57
Book Freezing Atmosphere (II) Level 57
Book Requiem (II) Level 57
Book Dusk Elegy (II) Level 57
Book Dawn Harmony (II) Level 57
Book Vampiric Thirst (II) Level 57
Book Revolver Rush (II) Level 57
Book Steady Stance (II) Level 57
Book Arrest (II) Level 57
Book Aquatic Barrier (II) Level 57
Book Ocean Blessing (II) Level 57
Book Divine Will (II) Level 57
Book Empress' Blessing (II) Level 57
Book Empress' Curse (II) Level 57
Book Empowering Control (II) Level 57
Book Curse of Strings (II) Level 57
Book Bloody Strings (II) Level 57
Book Thunderbolt Slash (II) Level 57
Book Rally (II) Level 57
Book Demoralize (II) Level 57
Book Unstoppable (II) Level 57
Book Tarkan's Will (II) Level 57
Book Cleaving Blows (II) Level 57
Book Spirit Echo (II) Level 57
Book Vital Seal (II) Level 57
Book Burning Essence (II) Level 57
Book Empowered Aura (II) Level 57
Book Blazing Earth (III) Level 58
Book Destructive Instinct (III) Level 58
Book Freezing Atmosphere (III) Level 58
Book Requiem (III) Level 58
Book Dark Elegy (III) Level 58
Book Dawn Harmony (III) Level 58
Book Vampiric Thirst (III) Level 58
Book Revolver Rush (III) Level 58
Book Steady Stance (III) Level 58
Book Arrest (III) Level 58
Book Aquatic Barrier (III) Level 58
Book Ocean Blessing (III) Level 58
Book Divine Will (III) Level 58
Book Empress' Blessing (III) Level 58
Book Empress' Curse (III) Level 58
Book Empowering Control (III) Level 58
Book Curse of Strings (III) Level 58
Book Bloody Strings (III) Level 58
Book Thunderbolt Slash (III) Level 58
Book Rally (III) Level 58
Book Demoralize (III) Level 58
Book Unstoppable (III) Level 58
Book Tarkan's Will (III) Level 58
Book Cleaving Blows (III) Level 58
Book Spirit Echo (III) Level 58
Book Vital Seal (III) Level 58
Book Burning Essence (III) Level 58
Book Empowered Aura (III) Level 58
Book Arrow Cascade (II) Level 59
Book Chaos Edge (II) Level 59
Book Flame Blow (II) Level 59
Book Flame Spear (II) Level 59
Book Scorching Bullets (II) Level 59
Book Warrior's Rage (II) Level 59
Book Arrow Cascade (III) Level 60
Book Chaos Edge (III) Level 60
Book Flame Blow (III) Level 60
Book Flame Spear (III) Level 60
Book Scorching Bullets (III) Level 60
Book Warrior's Rage (III) Level 60
Book Thunder Soul (IV) Level 60
Book Righteous Bolt (IV) Level 60
Book Storm Master (IV) Level 60
Book Preemptive Strike (II) Level 60
Book Demeian Tactics (II) Level 60
Book Flashbang (II) Level 60
Book Carnage (II) Level 60
Book Morale Boost (II) Level 60
Book Blood Vendetta (II) Level 60
Book Flame Sword (IV) Level 61
Book Lightning Spear (IV) Level 61
Book Silence (IV) Level 61
Book Wild Shot (IV) Level 61
Book Blessing of Life (IV) Level 61
Book Brutal Will (IV) Level 61
Book Hex of Darkness (IV) Level 61
Book Preemptive Strike (III) Level 61
Book Demeian Tactics (III) Level 61
Book Flashbang (III) Level 61
Book Carnage (III) Level 61
Book Morale Boost (III) Level 61
Book Blood Vendetta (III) Level 61
Book Awakening (IV) Level 62
Book Holy Guard (IV) Level 62
Book Protect (IV) Level 62
Book Shield of Protection (IV) Level 62
Book Deep Insight (IV) Level 62
Book Freezing Axe (IV) Level 62
Book Melody of Madness (IV) Level 62
Book Ravaging Melody (IV) Level 62
Book Beast Summon (IV) Level 63
Book Mana Drain (IV) Level 63
Book Mana Recharge (IV) Level 63
Book Mana Trap (IV) Level 63
Book Meteor Strike (IV) Level 63
Book Mana Burn (IV) Level 63
Book Mana Seal (IV) Level 63
Book Seal Staff (IV) Level 63
Book Speed Cast (IV) Level 63
Book Family Signet (IV) Level 63
Book Imperial Signet (IV) Level 63
Book Princess' Order (IV) Level 63
Book Royal Signet (IV) Level 63
Book Broken Spear (IV) Level 64
Book Concentrate (IV) Level 64
Book Rusty Axe (IV) Level 64
Book Shattered Sword (IV) Level 64
Book Sundered Power Saw (IV) Level 64
Book Healing (IV) Level 64
Book Seth's Will (IV) Level 64
Book Vortex (IV) Level 64
Book Summon Machine (IV) Level 64
Book Smoke Bomb (IV) Level 64
Book Break Down (IV) Level 64
Book Chaos Wind (IV) Level 64
Book Dark Seed (IV) Level 64
Book Deadly Shot (IV) Level 64
Book Deadly Strike (IV) Level 64
Book Evanescent Scud (IV) Level 64
Book Noble Sacrifice (IV) Level 64
Book Light Slash (IV) Level 64
Book Shooting Stance (IV) Level 64
Book Broken Arrows (IV) Level 65
Book Sacrificial Awakening (IV) Level 65
Book Power Saw Raid (IV) Level 65
Book Hawarang's Aura (IV) Level 65
Book Seal Instrument (IV) Level 65
Book Hwarang's Fury (IV) Level 65
Book Multi Arrow (IV) Level 65
Book Ice Ridge Axe (IV) Level 65
Book Hallucination (IV) Level 65
Book Seal Power Saw (IV) Level 65
Book Salvation (IV) Level 65
Book Storm Blast (IV) Level 65
Book Chainsaw Blade (IV) Level 65
Book War Cry (IV) Level 66
Book Sparta (IV) Level 66
Book Marauder's Edge (IV) Level 66
Book Crimson Blade (IV) Level 66
Book Blood Vengeance (IV) Level 66
Book Forest Prison (II) Level 66
Book Beast's Soul (II) Level 66
Book Toxic Sword (IV) Level 66
Book Weapon Rend (II) Level 66
Book Shield Bash(II) Level 66
Book Odin 's Chain (II) Level 66
Book Athena's Protection (II) Level 66
Book Quickening (II) Level 66
Book Green Dragon Strike (II) Level 66
Book Green Dragon's Rage (II) Level 66
Book Green Dragon Glaive (II) Level 66
Book Forest Prison (III) Level 67
Book Beast's Soul (III) Level 67
Book Dusk Elegy (IV) Level 67
Book Dawn Harmony (IV) Level 67
Book Vampiric Thirst (IV) Level 67
Book Revolver Rush (IV) Level 67
Book Steady Stance (IV) Level 67
Book Arrest (IV) Level 67
Book Aquatic Barrier (IV) Level 67
Book Ocean Blessing (IV) Level 67
Book Divine Will (IV) Level 67
Book Empress' Blessing (IV) Level 67
Book Empress' Curse (IV) Level 67
Book Empowering Control (IV) Level 67
Book Curse of Strings (IV) Level 67
Book Bloody Strings (IV) Level 67
Book Thunderbolt Slash (IV) Level 67
Book Rally (IV) Level 67
Book Demoralize (IV) Level 67
Book Weapon Rend (III) Level 67
Book Shield Bash (III) Level 67
Book Athena's Protection (III) Level 67
Book Odin's Chain (III) Level 67
Book Quickening (III) Level 67
Book Arrow Cascade (IV) Level 67
Book Scorching Bullets (IV) Level 67
Book Warrior's Rage (IV) Level 67
Book Requiem (IV) Level 67
Book Destructive Instinct (IV) Level 67
Book Chaos Edge (IV) Level 67
Book Devastation Shell (IV) Level 67
Book Flame Blow (IV) Level 67
Book Flame Spear (IV) Level 67
Book Green Dragon Strike (III) Level 67
Book Green Dragon's Rage (III) Level 67
Book Green Dragon Glaive (III) Level 67
Book Unstoppable (IV) Level 67
Book Tarkan's Will (IV) Level 67
Book Cleaving Blows (IV) Level 67
Book Spirit Echo (IV) Level 67
Book Vital Seal (IV) Level 67
Book Burning Essence (IV) Level 67
Book Empowered Aura (IV) Level 67
Book Blazing Earth (IV) Level 67
Book Freezing Atmosphere (IV) Level 67
Book Forest Prison (IV) Level 68
Book Beast's Soul (IV) Level 68
Book Weapon Rend (IV) Level 68
Book Shield Bash (IV) Level 68
Book Odin's Chain (IV) Level 68
Book Athena's Protection (IV) Level 68
Book Quickening (IV) Level 68
Book Green Dragon Strike (IV) Level 68
Book Green Dragon's Rage (IV) Level 68
Book Green Dragon Glaive (IV) Level 68
Book Preemptive Strike (IV) Level 69
Book Demeian Tactics (IV) Level 69
Book Flashbang (IV) Level 69
Book Carnage (IV) Level 69
Book Morale Boost (IV) Level 69
Book Blood Vendetta (IV) Level 69
Book Valhalla's Sword (II) Level 71
Book Primal Monsoon(II) Level 71
Book Purifying Path (II) Level 71
Book Retribution (II) Level 71
Book Beating Sun (II) Level 71
Book Valhalla's Sword (III) Level 72
Book Primal Monsoon(III) Level 72
Book Purifying Path (III) Level 72
Book Retribution (IIII) Level 72
Book Beating Sun (III) Level 72
Book Valhalla's Sword (IV) Level 73
Book Primal Monsoon (IV) Level 73
Book Purifying Path (IV) Level 73
Book Retribution (IV) Level 73
Book Beating Sun (IV) Level 73
Book Healing Pulse (II) Level 75
Book Arms of Atlantis (II) Level 75
Book Oriharukon Core (II) Level 75
Book Healing Pulse (III) Level 76
Book Arms of Atlantis (III) Level 76
Book Oriharukon Core (III) Level 76
Book Healing Pulse (IV) Level 77
Book Arms of Atlantis (IV) Level 77
Book Oriharukon Core (IV) Level 77
Book Battlefield Courage (II) Level 78
Book Camaraderie (II) Level 78
Book Patriotic Resolve (II) Level 78
Book Chione's Fury (II) Level 78
Book Tempest Spirit (II) Level 78
Book Gift of Prometheus (II) Level 78
Book Watchful Soul (II) Level 78
Book Blood Curse (II) Level 78
Book Resurrection (II) Level 78
Book Dark Mists (II) Level 78
Book Dischord (II) Level 78
Book Abyssal Refrain (II) Level 78
Book Volkhova's Elation (II) Level 78
Book Star Spite (II) Level 78
Book Stellar Hunt (II) Level 78
Book Celestial Venom (II) Level 78
Book Battlefield Courage (III) Level 79
Book Camaraderie (III) Level 79
Book Patriotic Resolve (III) Level 79
Book Chione's Fury (III) Level 79
Book Tempest Spirit (III) Level 79
Book Gift of Prometheus (III) Level 79
Book Watchful Soul (III) Level 79
Book Blood Curse (III) Level 79
Book Resurrection (III) Level 79
Book Dark Mists (III) Level 79
Book Dischord (III) Level 79
Book Abyssal Refrain (III) Level 79
Book Volkhova's Elation (III) Level 79
Book Star Spite (III) Level 79
Book Stellar Hunt (III) Level 79
Book Celestial Venom (III) Level 79
Book Battlefield Coourage (IV) Level 80
Book Camaraderie (IV) Level 80
Book Patriotic Resolve (IV) Level 80
Book Chione's Fury (IV) Level 80
Book Tempest Spirit (IV) Level 80
Book Gift of Prometheus (IV) Level 80
Book Watchful Soul (IV) Level 80
Book Blood Curse (IV) Level 80
Book Resurrection (IV) Level 80
Book Dark Mists (IV) Level 80
Book Dischord (IV) Level 80
Book Abyssal Refrain (IV) Level 80
Book Volkhova's Elation (IV) Level 80
Book Star Spite (IV) Level 80
Book Stellar Hunt (IV) Level 80
Book Celestial Venom (IV) Level 80
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