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Book of Knowledge

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Book of Knowledge.jpg
Type: Book
Fixed Price: 5,000 gold
Note: You cannot exchange this item for another book from NPC Goncourt.
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted


Alloy Doll Fighter Very Low Level 57
Ancient Anubis Very Low Level 79
Ancient Royal Guard Very Low Level 81
Barbarian Gorilla Very Low Level 89
Bloody Safeguard Very Low Level 86
Chaos Arachnoid Very Low Level 87
Chief Prison Officer Very Low Level 55
Chief Watcher Very Low Level 56
Controlled Ninja Very Low Level 89
Cursed Soldier Very Low Level 91
Delusional Ninja Very Low Level 88
Enki Wizard Very Low Level 78
Ereshkigal's Oracle Very Low Level 80
Evil Monkey Very Low Level 89
Executioner Very Low Level 80
Obake Very Low Level 95
Prison Officer Very Low Level 54
Shadow Shooter Very Low Level 21
Yaksha Sorcerer Very Low Level 53

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Book Awakening (II) 5
Book Awakening (III) 50
Book Blessing of Life (II) 5
Book Blessing of Life (III) 50
Book Brutal Will (II) 5
Book Brutal Will (III) 50
Book Deep Insight (II) 5
Book Deep Insight (III) 50
Book Flame Sword (II) 5
Book Flame Sword (III) 50
Book Flame Sword (IV) 50
Book Freezing Axe (II) 5
Book Freezing Axe (III) 50
Book Hex of Darkness (II) 5
Book Hex of Darkness (III) 50
Book Holy Guard (II) 5
Book Holy Guard (III) 50
Book Lightning Spear (II) 5
Book Lightning Spear (III) 50
Book Mana Shield (II) 5
Book Melody of Madness (II) 5
Book Melody of Madness (III) 50
Book Protect (II) 5
Book Protect (III) 50
Book Ravaging Melody (II) 5
Book Ravaging Melody (III) 50
Book Shield of Protection (II) 5
Book Shield of Protection (III) 50
Book Silence (II) 5
Book Silence (III) 50
Book Wild Shot (II) 5
Book Wild Shot (III) 50
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