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Cannon Servant

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Work In Progress
  This page may contain old information that is nolonger relevent and it requires a review.

Cannon Servant.jpg
Level: 110
Attack Power: 5685~7238
Experience: 20156
Metal Type
Magic Skill: Divine Ray


Gold Ingot Very Low
Tanzanite Very Low
Opal Very Low
Opal Very Low
Ruby Very Low
Blue Sapphire Very Low
Frozen Soul Very Low
Platinum Ingot Very Low
Freezing Equipment Box Very Low
Oil Low
Platinum Ingot Very Low
Gold Ingot Very Low
Adamantium Ingot Very Low
Platinum Ingot Very Low
Opal Very Low
Big Slab of Lumber Very Low
Conqueror's Equipment Box Very Low
Adamantium Cannonball Low


Adlivun Bio-Factory X: 64 Y: 100
Adlivun Bio-Factory X: 129 Y: 105
Empty Rundown Room
The Heart of Adlivun
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