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Accessory Crafting

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You can learn accessory crafting from Nitot for a price, see Livingstone to find out his current location.

Craftable Items

Ring of Strength Level 1
Ring of Dexterity Level 1
Ring of Vitality Level 1
Ring of Intelligence Level 1
Ring of Dull Swords Level 5
Ring of Blunt Spears Level 5
Ring of Dull Axes Level 5
Ring of Broken Arrows Level 5
Ring of Wet Gunpowder Level 5
Ring of Empty Cannons Level 5
Ring of Null Magic Level 5
Ring of the Hero Level 10
Ring of Wind Level 10
Ring of the Phoenix Level 10
Ring of the Wiseman Level 10
Ring of the Strong Man Level 25
Ring of the Gale Level 25
Ring of Eternity Level 25
Ring of the Hermit Level 25
Ring of Salvation Level 30
Ring of Protection Level 30
Ring of Assassination Level 30
Ring of Destruction Level 30
Ring of Endurance Level 50
Ring of Malice Level 50
Ring of Rage Level 50
Ring of Devotion Level 50
Shimmering Opal Necklace Level 54
Sharp Opal Necklace Level 58
Tough Opal Necklace Level 62
Ring of Nobility Level 65
Ring of Volition Level 70
Ring of Celerity Level 75
Ring of Sacrifice Level 80
Shimmering Ruby Necklace Level 82
Sharp Ruby Necklace Level 86
Tough Ruby Necklace Level 90
Fu Xi's Ring Level 94
Chi You's Ring Level 96
Nuwa's Ring Level 98
Pangu's Ring Level 100
Shimmering Sapphire Necklace Level 103
Sharp Sapphire Necklace Level 105
Tough Sapphire Necklace Level 107
Awakened Chi You's Ring Level 110
Awakened Nuwa's Ring Level 111
Awakened Fu Xi's Ring Level 112
Awakened Pangu's Ring Level 113
Riederan's Necklace Level 120
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