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Location: Near the entrance to Frozen Adlivun
An Inuit sorcerer in Greenland. She looks like a young girl, but her real age is well over 80 years old. She stays near Adlivun entrance and delivers the messages of the goddess Sedna to the people. The villagers are welcoming to foreigner Erik and his crew, but prohibit them from entering Adlivun. Although for some reason, they are very welcoming to other adventurers.

Frozen Adlivun Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 98


1. A Threat
2. Luck Is One's Ability
3. We are short of something...
4. Just a second!
5. Sorcery Applications
6. The Vision 1
7. The Answer from the Goddess 1
8. Please stop these useless efforts!
9. What Is This?
10. I can't disobey...
11. The Vision 2
12. The Answer from the Goddess 2
13. An Ultimatum
14. Calm Goddess
15. A Vision Unique and Short
16. Another Vision
17. A Periodic Vision
18. Dire Circumstances
19. Sigh... (Angakok)
20. The Vision, The Answer from the Goddess 3
21. As the Goddess Wishes...
22. Oh my god!
23. The Time Has Come
24. Time for the Truth
25. Bring Them...
26. The Anxiety

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