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With a sweep of your axe you strike an entire row of enemies. Your action power and defensive level against magic is low compared to others, but with your high vitality, you excel at withstanding enemy's physical attacks. Your Freezing Axe magic freezes foes in their tracks.
A melee character cannot attack enemies in the air.
Hero specialization: +10% HP to formation.

Axe Main.jpg

Type: Melee
Basic Attack: Axe
Off-hand: None
Range: 3 row front.png
Strength: 370 Intelligence: 235
Dexterity: 210 Vitality: 315
Defence: 400 Magic Defence: 100


Main Talents

Note: values are given for 10 points (the maximum). Values by point are divided by 10 (all bonus are linear).

Level 130:

Mighty Offense: Learn to deal increased physical damage by mastering your weapon.

 Increases Attack Power by 4000 (PvE) | 700 (FL PvP) | 200 (CL PvP) | 4000 (TBS PvE).

Hearty Endurance: Intense physical conditioning increases your Max Health.

 Increases Max Health by 32000 (PvE) | 4000 (FL PvP) | 1600 (CL PvP) | 32000 (TBS PvE).

Magic Mastery: Your daily meditations boost the power of your magic.

 Increases Magic Level by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE).

Level 140:

Arctic Training: You've mastered the arctic frost, giving you a more powerful Freezing Axe and a resistance to ice magic.

 Freezing Axe deals 400 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 400 (TBS PvE) % more damage
 costs 100 (PvE) | 75 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) less Action Power.
 Increases your ice resistance by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Hearty Endurance: Your great Vitality redifines the word "endurance."

 Increases Vitality by 750 (PvE) | 250 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 750 (TBS PvE).

Speeding Bruiser: Many believe you can't have both speed and power. You set out to prove them wrong.

 Gain 30 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 30 (TBS PvE) additional AP per turn. 
 Increases Speed by 2 (PvE) | 2 (FL PvP) | 2 (CL PvP) | 2 (TBS PvE) in TBS.

Level 150:

Icy Blows: Your weapon is imbued with ice magic, giving your basic attacks additional ice damage and allowing you to more easily shrug off ice spells.

 Physical attacks deal an additional 25 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % ice damage. 
 Increases ice resistance by 50 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 50(TBS PvE) %.

Warrior's Rage: You've learned to tap into your anger, letting you summon the power of Warrior's Rage more easily and giving you the ability to regenerate while using Warrior's Rage.

 Increases the minimum Health needed to trigger Warrior's Rage by 15 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 15 (CL PvP) | 15 (TBS PvE) %. 
 When activated, Warrior's Rage recovers 1000 (PvE)| 200 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 1000 (TBS PvE) Health per turn.

Guard Break: You can swing your axe with such crushing force that you break your enemies' guard and knock their defense buffs right out of them.

 Physical attacks gain a 100 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % chance to make your target drop their Guard stance and remove Defense buffs.

Level 160:

Ice Strike: You've become so skilled with Freezing Axe that you can cast it on enemies after particularly powerful hits. (Pending)

 Critical hits gain a 25 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % chance to cast Freezing Axe.

Quick Recovery: Your abilities of recovery are fantastic, letting you heal more from medicine and magic. (Pending)

 Increases Health and MP recovery through medicines and magic by 200 (PvE) | 200 (FL PvP) | 200 (CL PvP) | 200 (TBS PvE) %.

No Mercy: You show your enemy no quarter, disrupting any healing effects they have when you attack them. (Pending)

 Physical attacks gain a 100 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % chance to remove Health recovery effects on the target.
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