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Bow Crafting

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You can learn bow crafting from William Tell/Ganjang for a price, see Livingstone to find out there current location. Ganjang can be found northwest of Calcutta.

Craftable Items

Spirit Bow Level 1
Deep-Sea Bow Level 4
Ogre Bow Level 9
Assassin's Bow Level 15
Walachia Bow Level 23
Blood Knight Bow Level 28
Anu Warrior Bow Level 32
Gilgamesh Bow Level 35
Amon's Bow Level 44
Ghost Gunner Bow Level 50
Dragon Slayer Bow Level 56
Gold Dragon Bow Level 60
Conqueror's Bow Level 65
Freezing Bow Level 70
Divine Bow Level 75
Depraved Bow Level 80
Phoenix's Bow Level 85
Dragon God's Bow Level 101
Evil Bow Level 110
Pegasus Bow Level 121
Dark Pegasus Bow Level 127
Judgement Bow Level 130
Twilight Bow Level 999
Abyssal Bow Level 999
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