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Christmas Event

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In this season of giving, partake in these two special holiday-themed events, which will both run until Jan 6th, and recieve, without putting in too much effort, free presents!

A Spell For The Holidays

This spell is not about hurting others, but enriching you! Special characters named Acong, created just for these events, will be roaming all the open fields in the Atlantica world. You can approach them and aquire letters - A, T, L, etc. Take those letters and spell the word "Atlantica" and you'll be conjuring up some goodies for yourself.

See how meny time you can spell it out. A-T-L-A-N-T-I-C-A, and reep the rewards of your extended vocabulary. Take your Atlantica spellings to the Santa Acong NPC, who can be found in Rome as well as the Santa Villa near Beijing and Mumbai.


  • Event items last only for the duration of the event. They will expire on Jan 9th.

Save Santa

Even Santa Claus isn't spared from the dangers caused by the Oriharukon. Something is going on at his villa near the North Pole, and your fighting skills are needed during his busiest time of the year!

For this special, limited-time event, which will run until Jan 6th you can travel to Santa's villa, located north of Helsiniki in North Europe on the Atlantica map, and recieve a quest from the NPCs standing infront. (The event's quests will be initalized every day at 6:20am Pacific Standard Time) Event the villa and be prepared for foes worse than fruit cake! (The villa is divided into three floors: the 1st floor has no level limit; the 2nd is for players level 60 and above only; and the 3rd is for players level 90 and above only)

Battle the monsters that are trying to ruin Christmas, and one of the items they will drop will be Santa's Gift Box. Open this present and you will randomly revieve a Christmas Tree, Santa Hat or Rudolph Antlers Hair Accessory. Put on the hat or antlers on your main character's head and take on a while new look. Or you could go to Santa Acong and trade these holiday items for some products that are more practical for your Atlantica adventures.


  • Event items last only for the duration of the event. They will expire on Jan 9th.
  • The Santa Villa monsters have lower stats and higher experience points than their level.

Event Items

Atlantica Piece (A)
Atlantica Piece (C)
Atlantica Piece (I)
Atlantica Piece (L)
Atlantica Piece (N)
Atlantica Piece (T)
Christmas Tree
Compleated Letters (ATLANTICA)
Golden Bell
Red Ribbon
Regular Tree
Rudolph Antlers Hair Accessory
Rudolph's Gift Box
Santa Claus' Gift Box
Star Ornament
Warm Santa Hat

Event Monsters

Accused Rudolph
Angry Acong
Angry Rudolph
Crafty Acong
Cute Acong
Drunken Urs
Enraged Acong
Evil Acong
Evil Old Oak
Exploited Rudolph
Fierce Acong
Haunted Old Oak
Joyful Rudolph
Loitering Soldier
Naughty Rudolph
Nutcracker Soldier
Provoking Soldier

Event Fields(Dungeons)

Santa Villa - 1F
Santa Villa - 2F
Santa Villa - 3F

Event NPCs

Guide Acong 1F
Guide Acong 2F
Guide Acong 3F
Santa Acong

Event Quests

Name Level Started From
Christmas Event 1F Quest Chain 1 Guide Acong 1F
Christmas Event 2F Quest Chain 60 Guide Acong 2F

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