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Fishing Tool Crafting

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You can learn fishing crafting from Kang Tae Gong for a price. Kang Tae Gong can be found in Hainan Island.

Craftable Items

Thin Fishing Line Level 1
Shining Bait level 1
Thin Fishhook Level 5
Bamboo Fishing Rod Level 10
Spoiled Bait Level 10
Crude Bait Level 15
Maple Fishing Rod Level 15
Thick Fishing Line Level 20
Thick Fishhook Level 22
Iron Fishing Rod Level 24
Mediocre Bait Level 24
Mithril Fishing Rod Level 26
Common Bait Level 26
Sturdy Fishing Line Level 28
Sturdy Fishhook Level 30
Best Bait Level 32
Adamantium Fishing Rod Level 32
Strong Fishing Line Level 40
Strong Fishhook Level 42
Albert's Special Bait Level 46
Titanium Fishing Rod Level 46
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