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Ready, aim, fire! The bullets from your gun tear through the enemy defenses, hitting an entire column of foes. The enemy in front absorbs most of the damage, but you can increase your attack power by equipping special bullets. Vitality is reasonably high as a long range mercenary. When you need to deal that extra bit of damage, call on your Wild Shot magic.
Hero specialization: critical +15% to entire formation.

Gun Main.jpg

Type: Long Ranged
Basic Attack: Gun
Off-hand: Bullet
Range: 3 column.png
Strength: 240 Intelligence: 260
Dexterity: 355 Vitality: 255
Defence: 250 Magic Defence: 250


Main Talents

Note: values are given for 10 points (the maximum). Values by point are divided by 10 (all bonus are linear).

Level 130:

Mighty Offense: Learn to deal increased physical damage by mastering your weapon.

 Increases Attack Power by 2400 (PvE) | 400 (FL PvP) | 120 (CL PvP) | 2400 (TBS PvE).

Hearty Endurance: Intense physical conditioning increases your Max Health.

 Increases Max Health by 22000 (PvE) | 2750 (FL PvP) | 1100 (CL PvP) | 22000 (TBS PvE).

Magic Mastery: Your daily meditations boost the power of your magic.

 Increases Magic Level by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 1 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE).

Level 140:

Call the Shot: You're a crack shot with a rifle, and have an increased chance of getting a critical hit on the first shot.

 Increases the chance of a critical hit on the first shot of a basic attack by 100 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) %.

Cool under Fire: With the calm determination of a soldier, you shrug off critical hits, taking less damage from them than others.

 Reduces damage done to you by critical hits by 50 (PvE) | 35 (FL PvP) | 5 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) %.

Armor-Piercing Bullets: You've upgraded your arsenal to include special rounds that are ideal for piercing enemy defenses. Your chances for a critical are increased, and you can even score critical hits on guarding targets.

 Adds a 100 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 10 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % chance for critical hits against guarding targets.
 Increases overall critical hit chance by 25 (PvE) | 15 (FL PvP) | 2 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) %.

Level 150:

Hollow Point: You carry special bullets that leave shrapnel in your enemy's wounds, ignoring Defense when you get a critical hit.

 On critical hits, the target's Defense will be ignored by 400 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 50 (CL PvP) | 400 (TBS PvE) % of the bullet's damage, and additional damage will be dealt.

Level-Headed: You keep a level head in the hottest situations. After getting hit, you redouble your defenses to take less damage.

 Decreases damage taken by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 3 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE) % every time your combo hit count increases.

Repeat Fire: Repeated shots show you the enemy's weakness, giving you a better chance of dealing a critical hit on targets with high Combo Count.

 Increases critical chance by 10 (PvE) | 5 (FL PvP) | 3 (CL PvP) | 10 (TBS PvE) % for each Combo Count on the target.

Level 160:

Rain of Bullets: You can rain bullets on the enemy, dealing more damage for each critical hit you make in a single attack. (Pending)

 When a single attack deals multiple critical hits, deals an additional 150 (PvE) | 150 (FL PvP) | 150 (CL PvP) | 150 (TBS PvE) %damage for 2 multi-hits.
 50 (PvE) | 50 (FL PvP) | 50 (CL PvP) | 50 (TBS PvE) % damage for 3 multi-hits.
 0 (PvE) | 0 (FL PvP) | 0 (CL PvP) | 0 (TBS PvE) % for 4 multi-hits.

Crippling Shot: You know just where to shoot to cripple your enemies, dropping the critical rate of anyone you hit for one turn. (Pending)

 Physical attacks reduce the critical rate of your target by 100 (PvE) | 100 (FL PvP) | 100 (CL PvP) | 100 (TBS PvE) % for 1 turn.

Combat Reflexes: When you see your enemy in pain, you're able to sieze the opportunity to take a second action after you score a critical hit. (Pending)

 After dealing a critical hit, grants a 25 (PvE) | 25 (FL PvP) | 25 (CL PvP) | 25 (TBS PvE) % chance to take a second action.
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