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Stationery Crafting

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You can learn stationery crafting from Cai Lun for a price. Cai Lun can be found south of Sea Palace Entrance.

Craftable Items

Papyrus Level 1
Fusain Level 10
Small Ink Bottle Level 13
Chinese Paper Level 15
Brush Level 20
Quality Ink Bottle Level 23
Parchment Level 25
Quill Level 30
Deluxe Ink Bottle Level 33
Whatman Paper Level 35
Yellow Paper Level 37
Fountain Pen Level 40
Ornate Ink Bottle Level 43
Drawing Paper Level 46
Ballpen Level 49
Shiny Ink Bottle Level 52
Magic Parchment Level 54
Magic Pen Level 55
Magical Ink Bottle Level 56
Wiseman's Golden Parchment Level 57
Wiseman's Golden Pen Level 58
Wiseman's Golden Ink Bottle Level 59
Multi-Hued Parchment Level 60
Multi-Hued Pen Level 61
Multi-Hued Ink Bottle Level 62
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