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Location: Near Lisbon
Because her parents dies when she was young, she inherited the inn and runs it by herself. She tries to be cheerful in spite of the hard days. She is attracted to Da Vinci, but he is always too absorbed in science to notice.

Inventor Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 84


1. I'm So Busy
2. Lisa is Alone
3. Children Like Candy
4. Miracle Cure
5. What the Child Doesn't Have
6. Mother's Fragrance
7. Please Appease Her Again
8. Dad's Smell 1
9. Dad's Smell 2
10. Appeasing Lisa
11. Francesco Might Know Something
12. Another Machine Shrine
13. Oh, my God.
14. (Party) First Test
15. (Party) Second Test
16. Appeasing the Child
17. (Party) Collecting Diaries
18. What Da Vinci Recorded
19. Solving Your Own Problems
20. I Can't Ask You for Any More...
21. Oh, thank you!
22. The Happy Woman
23. Thanks and Farewell

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