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Location: Devil's Forest
A devil. One of the beings of the 'Infernal World' who competed with the 'Heavenly World' in the beginning. He tries to break Michael's seal to send him to the human world. He believes that the Infernal World will conquer the Heavenly World as long as there is greed within the human mind. To him, absolute good does not exist.

Exorcist Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 57


1. The Powder of Life
2. That is no Dog
3. It Might Be a Dog
4. Acquiring Dream Powder
5. Powder of Spirit
6. Ward off Ancient Evil Spirits
7. Avoid the Eyes of the Watcher
8. A Walk in the Devil's Forest
9. Acquiring Nightmare Powder
10. Take Over the Prison of Night: 1F
11. For the Warrior
12. My Work is Done

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