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Cretan Labyrinth Quest Chain

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The Cretan Labyrinth Quest Chain is started from Daedalus. This quest chain requires your character to be level 54 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Lazy Apprentice Quest Daedalus 15,000 20,000g
A Flock of Mysterious Sheep 1 Quest Daedalus 15,000 20,000g
Lazy Apprentice Anyway Quest Daedalus 15,000 20,000g
Scary Teacher Quest Talos 15,000 Scroll of Vortex (III) x2
Suspicious Horses Quest Talos 15,000 20,000g
Suspicious Sheep 2 Quest Talos 15,000 20,000g
His Own Best Quest Talos 15,000 20,000g
Fellows who ruin the masterpiece Quest Daedalus 15,500 22,500g
Serious Situation Quest Daedalus 15,500 22,500g
Where have you been? Quest Talos 15,500 22,500g Scroll of Vortex (III) x2
I am doing my best Quest Talos 15,500
Slip of the Tongue Quest Daedalus 15,500 22,500g
Why did you come all the way here? Quest Daedalus 15,500
I am Not a Comparable Object Quest Talos 15,500
Nonsense Quest Pasiphae 16,000 25,000g
Filthy Werewolves Quest Pasiphae 16,000 25,000g
My Rarely Useful Apprentice Quest Daedalus 16,000 25,000g
The Source of Knowledge Quest Talos 16,000 25,000g
Werewolf's Blood Quest Talos 16,000 25,000g
Special Container Quest Talos 16,000 25,000g Scroll of Vortex (III) x2
Did I Take It Too Far Quest Daedalus 16,500
You Should Use This Quest Pasiphae 16,500
Warning Quest Pasiphae 16,500 27,500g
Control My Stupid Apprentice Quest Daedalus 16,500 27,500g
Careful Confession Quest Talos 16,000 27,500g
Intensive Preparation Quest Pasiphae 17,000 30,000g
Request an Investigation Quest Pasiphae 17,000 30,000g
Too Suspicious Quest Pasiphae 17,000 30,000g
Uncourteous, Ungrateful Fellows! Quest Pasiphae 17,000 30,000g
This is it. Quest Daedalus 17,000 30,000g
Get rid of them Quest Daedalus 17,000 30,000g
My Pathetic Apprentice Quest Daedalus 17,000 30,000g
I have no other choice Quest Talos 17,000 Scroll of Vortex (III) x2
Formal Request for Disposal Quest Pasiphae 17,500 32,500g
Not so much... Quest Daedalus 17,500 32,500g
I Might Die Quest Talos 17,500
My life is in danger, too Quest Daedalus 17,500
I won't get my hands blood-stained Quest Pasiphae 25,000 100,000g
Time to Destroy the Proof? Quest Pasiphae 18,000 35,000g
Doubtful... Quest Daedalus 18,000
His Intelligence is Impressive Quest Pasiphae 18,000 35,000g
It's kind of you to say so, but Quest Talos 18,000 35,000g Scroll of Vortex (III) x2
I'd Rather Forget Everything Quest Talos 18,000
Too good to be thrown away Quest Pasiphae 18,000 35,000g Ambrosia x15
Bye Now Quest Talos 18,000
What did I do wrong? Quest Pasiphae 18,000 50,000g Ashen Jewel x10
Kinsmen Quest Pasiphae 18,000
Totals 784,500 1,007,500g
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