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Crystal Crafting

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You can learn crystal crafting from Paracelsus for a price, see Livingstone to find out his current location.

Craftable Items

Multi-Hued Crystal Shard Level 1
Crystal of Knowledge Level 1
Crystal of Wisdom Level 5
Crystal of Anguish Level 10
Multi-Hued Crystal Level 15
Ashen Jewel Level 18
Multi-Hued Jewel Shard Level 20
Dragon Jewel Level 22
Phoenix Jewel Level 24
Redemption Jewel Level 26
Giant Jewel Level 28
Multi-Hued Jewel Level 30
Giant Soul Crystal Level 32
Giant Soul Jewel Level 34
Phoenix Soul Crystal Level 36
Phoenix Soul Jewel Level 38
Redemption Soul Crystal Level 40
Redemption Soul Jewel Level 42
Dragon Soul Crystal Level 44
Dragon Soul Jewel Level 46
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal Level 48
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel Level 50
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