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Location: Inside Haunted Tatami Room
Sumi's younger sister who became a ninja to avenge her father. She got tricked by Puppeteer Rin and came to the Haunted Tatami Room with the other Iga Ninjas.

*This NPC's quests will reset at 6:00 AM every day.*

Haunted Tatami Room Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 95


1. (Connection) Daka's Request
2. Owl's Bloodshed I
3. (Connection) Owl's Bloodshed II
4. Meaningless Power I
5. (Connection) Meaningless Power II
6. Straw Doll's Dance I
7. (Connection) Straw Doll's Dance II
8. Gate of Torment
9. (Special) Noble Soul
10. (Special) Trusty
11. (Special) True Winner

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