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Dark Archer

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Dark Archer (Hero I).jpg
Long Range Type Mercenary
Grade: D
Basic Attack: Bow
Off-hand: Arrows
Range: 1 any.png

Strength: 220 Intelligence: 342
Dexterity: 370 Vitality: 290
Defence: 415 Magic Defence: 250


The Dark Archer can send her arrows to any enemy on the battlefield, making her an excellent sniper for your formation. She may only hit one target at a time, but her high attack power and range more than make up for this.

As a Dark Archer, she adds Multi Arrow to her magical arsenal, allowing her to rain magic damage on multiple targets.


Dark Archer (Hero II).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Dark Archer (Hero II)
Lv. 120 + 100 Phoenix Jewels

Strength: 226 Intelligence: 361
Dexterity: 389 Vitality: 306
Defence: 499 Magic Defence: 250

Dark Archer (Hero III).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Dark Archer (Hero III)
Lv. 130 + 150 Phoenix Jewels

Strength: 236 Intelligence: 382
Dexterity: 412 Vitality: 321
Defence: 579 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Dark Archer (Hero IV)
Lv. 140 + 150 Phoenix Jewels

Strength: 247 Intelligence: 405
Dexterity: 438 Vitality: 339
Defence: 673 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Dark Archer (Hero V)
Lv. 150 + 150 Phoenix Jewels

Strength: 259 Intelligence: 431
Dexterity: 466 Vitality: 359
Defence: 783 Magic Defence: 250

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Dark Archer (Hero VI)
Lv. 160 + 150 Phoenix Jewels

Strength: 310 Intelligence: 517
Dexterity: 559 Vitality: 430
Defence: 939 Magic Defence: 250



You can start the recruting quest from Chironia, which requires a level 100 Archer.
While there is not restriction on how many Archers can be in one formation, only 1 Dark Archer is allowed.
To transform an Archer, use the Immortal Spirit Stone.

Similar Class

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