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Devil Monk

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Devil Monk.jpg
Level: 29
Attack Power: 284~570
Experience: 460
Spirit Type
Magic Skill: Curse of Darkness


Mana Potion (I) Very Low
Healing Potion (I) Very Low
Enchant Stone (I) Very Low
Copper Ore Very Low
Iron Sand Low
Coral Very Low
Silver Ingot Very Low
Pearl Very Low
Thread Low
Commodity Box (I) Medium
Angkor Wat Equipment Box Very Low
Asura's Equipment Box Very Low


Angkor Wat 1F X: 86 Y: 66
Angkor Wat 1F X: 84 Y: 89
Angkor Wat 1F X: 164 Y: 89
Naga Queen's Palace X: 19 Y: 24
Naga Queen's Palace X: 16 Y: 24
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