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Enchant Guide

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Enchanting equippable items gives you more powerful items. There are 10 different levels and each level raises the stats of the item. To enchant an item you need Enchant Stones and 2 of the same level item. For example, to upgrade a level 3 Spirit Sword you would need 4 Enchant Stones. Enchant Stones have different level requirements, (I) Enchant Stone's can only be used on weapons which have a minimum level requirement of 25 or below. If you select an item in the Enchant Window (Left image) and place in one of the 2 box's it will tell you which Enchant Stones you require and how meny of them. You can use the Auto button to get Atlantica to automatically select equippable items and enchantment stones. Click Enchant to upgrade the item.

Enchanting Table

This table show the amount of Enchant Stones and amount of pieces of equipment required to reach that enchantment (assuming the equipment chosen is enchant level +0)

Enhancement Quantity of Enchant Stones Quantity of Equipment Parts
1 1 2
2 4 4
3 11 8
4 26 16
5 57 32
6 120 64
7 247 128
8 502 256
9 1013 512
10 2036 1024
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