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Location: Near the entrance to Frozen Adlivun
He's originally from Norway. After his father got banished from his homeland for committing murder, he brought his father and son to Iceland. However, he was banished from Iceland for killing again. He moved to Greenland with his followers and his son. He loves conquering the world, but is always worried about his son becoming a murderer as well. He has the confidence and skills to be a successful conqueror, but he's quite superstitious.

Frozen Adlivun Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 98


1. Who Sent You Here?
2. Current situation
3. Take It Slow
4. For my men's souls...
5. Would it be alright?
6. So I guess I can't do it.
7. What should I do?
8. Even if it's true
9. Maybe she's like a god-like being.
10. Thunderstruck
11. I won't tolerate it anymore!
12. You should be really prepared for this!
13. Be ready!
14. Who Am I?
15. Obey Me as Your Master
16. Don't You Worry About Anything
17. Well then. Let's see what you got!
18. Something's Fishy
19. You...
20. No Way...
21. I Can't Accept This!
22. Show Me Your Ultimate Power!
23. Can You Really Handle It?
24. Now It's All Done...
25. I Knew This Would Happen
26. Memories

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