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Food Crafting

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You can learn food crafting from Pierre/Cai Lun for a price, see Livingstone to find out there current location. Cai Lun can be found South of Sea Palace Entrance.

Craftable Items

Dumpling Level 1
Grilled Pork Level 2
Grilled Shrimp Level 4
Octopus Soup Level 5
Tandoori Level 7
Thali Level 10
Tai Hua Gong's Special Dimsum Level 10
(Common) Afternoon Tea Party Level 10
Stew Level 13
Roasted Mushroom Level 16
Steak Level 20
(Common) Sushi Feast Level 20
Roasted Mutton Level 25
(Common) Royal Supper Feast Level 30
Barley Bimbimbap Level 33
Simmered Carp Level 40
(Common) Nouvelle Cuisine Level 40
Traditional Korean Meal Level 50
Seafood Pot Level 60
Meat Pie Level 63
Lemon, Lime and Bitters Level 65
Plain BBQ Level 68
Rooibos Tea Level 75
Fish and Chips Level 82
Strawberry Shortcake Level 88
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