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Location: Near Frozen Adlivun
Female viking who once worked with Erik and Leif. However, she didn't like the way of her uncle who was haunted by the ghosts of his past, and set out on her own. She wants to be a stronger viking leader after acquiring more power through mysterious and dangerous Adlivun.

Viking Class Change Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 100


1. Dignified Viking 1
2. In Order To Be Proud
3. Weak Uncle
4. Recovering
5. One of the Legendary Vikings
6. Something's Very Different
7. The Legend of the Viking
8. Adlivun Investigation Begins
9. Alteration? Enhancement?
10. Unexpected Result
11. No Need for Sympathy
12. Restoring Materials
13. Viking's Spirit
14. Getting Rid of Obstacles
15. Uncontrollable
16. Dignified Viking 2

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