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Frozen Adlivun Quest Chain

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The Frozen Adlivun Quest Chain is started from Erik. This quest chain requires your character to be level 98 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Who Sent You Here? Quest Erik 100,000 115,000g
My Father Sent You, Right? Quest Leif 90,000 80,000g
Current situation Quest Erik 95,000 12,000g
Unexpected Circumstances Quest Leif 85,000
Helping the Inuits 1 Quest Leif 35,000 30,000g
Helping the Inuits 2 Quest Leif 125,000 125,000g
A Threat Quest Angakok 100,000 11,500g Scroll of Vortex (IV) x10
Luck Is One's Ability Quest Erik 105,000 125,000g
We are short of something... Quest Erik 175,000 550,000g
Hmm... Shall we? Quest Leif 95,000 120,000g
Just a second! Quest Angakok 85,000
That's really great! Quest Leif 350,000 300,000g Scroll of Vortex (IV) x10
Strange Characters Quest Leif 100,000 115,000g
You are our hope. Quest Erik 85,000
Take It Slow Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
For my men's souls... Quest Erik 350,000 300,000g Scroll of Vortex (IV) x10
Would it be alright? Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
Sorcery Applications Quest Angakok 105,000 125,000g
The Vision 1 Quest Angakok 90,000 80,000g
The Answer from the Goddess 1 Quest Angakok 100,000 115,000g
Please stop these useless efforts! Quest Angakok 85,000
So I guess I can't do it. Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
Let's Take the Initiative! Quest Leif 350,000 300,000g
What Is This? Quest Angakok 100,000 115,000g
I can't disobey... Quest Angakok 85,000
Why do you think they've called us? Quest Leif 95,000 120,000g
I am sure it will help! Quest Leif 350,000 300,000g
The Undiscovered History 1 Quest Leif 100,000 115,000g
Something is fishy... Quest Leif 85,000
What should I do? Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
The Vision 2 Quest Angakok 90,000 80,000g
The Answer from the Goddess 2 Quest Angakok 100,000 115,000g
Even if it's true Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
Hmm... Those Bastards! Quest Leif 350,000 300,000g
The Undiscovered History 2 Quest Leif 100,000 115,000g
Interesting Existence Quest Leif 85,000 80,000g
Dad, fighting! Quest Leif 85,000
Maybe she's like a god-like being. Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
An Ultimatum Quest Angakok 85,000
Calm Goddess Quest Angakok 175,000 550,000g Ice Key x3
A Vision Unique and Short Quest Angakok 950,000 850,000g Freezing Equipment Box x2
What is this? Quest Leif 90,000 80,000g
Another Vision Quest Angakok 95,000 120,000g Scroll of Vortex (IV) x10
A Periodic Vision Quest Angakok 550,000 550,000g
Dire Circumstances Quest Angakok 85,000
Thunderstruck Quest Erik 95,000 120,000g
Let Me Think Quest Leif 85,000
I am sorry, dad! Quest Leif 110,000 115,000g
This is really tough... Quest Leif 85,000
I won't tolerate it anymore! Quest Erik 550,000 550,000g
You should be really prepared for this! Quest Erik 105,000 125,000g
Be ready! Quest Erik 85,000
Sigh... (Angakok) Quest Angakok 550,000 550,000g
Totals 8,595,000 8,173,500g
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