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Furniture Crafting

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You can learn furniture crafting from Unknown for a price. Unknown can be found in Rome's My Home Bazaar.

Craftable Items

Blue Provence Bed Level 11
Oak Provence Bed Level 11
White Provence Bed Level 11
Brown Bed Level 27
Green Bed Level 27
Purple Bed Level 27
Sage Bed Level 27
Tartan Bed Level 27
Blue Vintage Bed Level 37
Green Vintage Bed Level 37
Ivory Vintage Bed Level 37
Purple Vintage Bed Level 37
Red Vintage Bed Level 37
Combined Vacation Bed Level 46
Rectangular Vacation Bed Level 46
Round Vacation Bed Level 46
Black Wooden Bed Level 53
Blue Wooden Bed Level 53
Blue Antique Bed Level 53
Cherry Wooden Bed Level 53
Green Antique Bed Level 53
Yellow Antique Bed Level 53
Brown Oriental Bed Level 72
Ivory Oriental Bed Level 72
Red Oriental Bed Level 72
Blue Mediterranean Bed Level 80
Pink Mediterranean Bec Level 80
[[|]] Level
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