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Ghost Mask

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Ghost Mask.jpg
Type: Misc
Fixed Price: 100,000 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Note: Tile engraved with a very scary goblin.


Ashigaru Bowman Very Low Level 84
Ashigaru Rifleman Very Low Level 84
Ashigaru Spearman Very Low Level 85
Barbarian Gorilla Very Low Level 89
Blue Mushroom Very Low Level 101
Cannon Horse Very Low Level 98
Cheering Dancer Very Low Level 89
Controlled Ninja Very Low Level 89
Cursed Soldier Very Low Level 91
Delusional Ninja Very Low Level 88
Evil Monkey Very Low Level 89
Goblin Commander Very Low Level 87
Ground Spider Warrior Very Low Level 86
Ninja Assassin Very Low Level 86
Ninja Mage Very Low Level 85
Obake Very Low Level 95

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Assassin's Charm (I) 1
Assassin's Charm (II) 1
Blue Vintage Bed 30
Destroyer's Charm (I) 1
Destroyer's Charm (II) 1
Ghost Conjuror Gloves 1
Ghost Conjuror Hat 1
Ghost Conjuror Orb 1
Ghost Conjuror Robe 2
Ghost Conjuror Staff 2
Ghost Gunner Bow 2
Ghost Gunner Cannon 2
Ghost Gunner Chain Gauntlets 1
Ghost Gunner Chain Helm 1
Ghost Gunner Leggings 1
Ghost Gunner Light Armor 2
Ghost Gunner Rifle 2
Ghost Gunner Whip 2
Ghost Warrior Axe 2
Ghost Warrior Gauntlets 1
Ghost Warrior Greaves 1
Ghost Warrior Heavy Armor 2
Ghost Warrior Helmet 1
Ghost Warrior Instrument 2
Ghost Warrior Lance 2
Ghost Warrior Power Saw 2
Ghost Warrior Shield 1
Ghost Warrior Sword 2
Green Vintage Bed 30
Ivory Vintage Bed 30
Purple Vintage Bed 30
Red Vintage Bed 30
Savior's Charm (I) 1
Savior's Charm (II) 1
Secrets of Time Noble Shaman's Soul 10
Secrets of Time The Warrior's Path 20
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