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Gold Thread

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Gold Thread.jpg
Type: Fabric
Fixed Price: 3,000 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Production Rate: 20 per batch
Necessary Workload: 14,000 (700 per item)
Sewing skill must be 15 or higher to craft this item

Craft Price: 51,000 gold (2,550 gold per item)
You gain 280 experience in Sewing per batch (14 per item)


Silver Thread 50
Glue 2


Addicted Lionman Low Level 111
Advance Archer High Level 101
Advance Brute Medium Level 100
Advance Pikeman Medium Level 100
Advance Ruffian Medium Level 100
Advance Sage Medium Level 99
Altered Man Low, Very Low Level 109
Altered Native Low, Very Low Level 108
Ancient Royal Guard Low, Very Low Level 81
Arachnoid Low, Very Low Level 81
Arhat Trainee Low, Very Low Level 101
Ash Basilisk High Level 92
Ashigaru Bowman Low, Very Low Level 84
Ashigaru Rifleman Low, Very Low Level 84
Ashigaru Spearman Low, Very Low Level 85
Asian Wolf Medium Level 109
Baby Fire Dragon Medium Level 96
Barbarian Gorilla Medium Level 89
Brown Bear Medium Level 83
Brown Yeti High Level 95
Brunhilda Medium, Low Level 103
Byzantine Captain Low, Very Low Level 104
Byzantine Officer Low, Very Low Level 104
Byzantine Warrior Low, Very Low Level 104
Chakram Trainee Low, Very Low Level 102
Cheering Dancer Low, Very Low Level 89
Crazy Slave Warrior Very Low Level 106
Crimson Bear Low Level 108
Crimson Horse Low Level 108
Crouching-tiger Arhat Very Low Level 102
Dark Archbishop Low, Very Low Level 108
Dark Cardinal Low, Very Low Level 108
Dark Priest Very Low Level 108
Dark Queen's Archer Very Low Level 105
Dark Queen's Knight Very Low Level 105
Elite Slave Soldier Very Low Level 107
Enraged Ruler Loki Medium Level 112
Evil Monkey Low Level 89
Evil Priestess Very Low Level 83
Ghost Warrior Low, Very Low Level 80
Haunted Archbishop Very Low, Low Level 107
Machine Beast Very Low Level 80
Mysterious Necromancer Very Low, Low Level 106
Ninja Assassin Very Low Level 86
Ninja Mage Low, Very Low Level 85
Volcanic Raptor (Monster) Medium Level 91
Yggdrasil Seal Medium Level 102
Young Rhinoceros High Level 85

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Adamantium Arrow 5
Book Awakening (III) 100
Book Beast Summon (III) 200
Book Beast Summon (IV) 200
Book Blessing of Life (III) 100
Book Break Down (III) 300
Book Broken Spear (III) 300
Book Brutal Will (III) 100
Book Chainsaw Blade (III) 300
Book Chaos Wind (III) 300
Book Concentrate (III) 300
Book Concentrate (IV) 300
Book Dark Seed (III) 300
Book Deadly Shot (III) 300
Book Deadly Strike (III) 300
Book Deep Insight (III) 100
Book Evanescent Scud (III) 300
Book Family Signet (III) 200
Book Flame Sword (III) 100
Book Flame Sword (IV) 100
Book Freezing Axe (III) 100
Book Healing (III) 300
Book Healing (IV) 300
Book Hex of Darkness (III) 100
Book Holy Guard (III) 100
Book Hwarang's Aura (III) 300
Book Hwarang's Fury (III) 300
Book Ice Ridge Axe (III) 300
Book Imperial Signet (III) 200
Book Light Slash (III) 300
Book Lightning Spear (III) 100
Book Mana Burn (III) 200
Book Mana Drain (III) 200
Book Mana Recharge (III) 200
Book Mana Seal (III) 200
Book Mana Trap (III) 200
Book Melody of Madness (III) 100
Book Meteor Strike (III) 200
Book Multi Arrow (III) 300
Book Noble Sacrifice (III) 300
Book Princess' Order (III) 200
Book Protect (III) 100
Book Ravaging Melody (III) 100
Book Royal Signet (III) 200
Book Rusty Axe (III) 300
Book Seal Staff (III) 200
Book Seth's Will (III) 300
Book Shattered Sword (III) 300
Book Shield of Protection (III) 100
Book Shooting Stance (III) 300
Book Silence (III) 100
Book Smoke Bomb (III) 300
Book Speed Cast (III) 200
Book Storm Blast (III) 300
Book Summon Machine (III) 300
Book Vortex (III) 300
Book Wild Shot (III) 100
Colorful Fabric 80
Colorful Thread 30
Drawing Paper 200
Inuit's Magic Mirror 5
Magic Parchment 300
Magic Patchwork 25, 5
Siege Ladder 100
Whatman Paper 100, 40
Yellow Paper 5
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