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Long Range Type Mercenary
Grade: D
Basic Attack: Gun
Off-hand: Bullet
Range: 3 column.png

Strength: 150 Intelligence: 220
Dexterity: 220 Vitality: 170
Defence: 80 Magic Defence: 225


With a single Bullet, the Gunner can hit an entire column of enemies from front to back! She has lots of health for a ranged mercenary, but not enough defense to stay on the front line.

While her normal attacks are great for keeping large groups of enemies stunned, her Wild Shot magic is an effective way to deal a heavy dose of damage.


Gunner Ace.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Gunner Ace
Lv. 20 + 50 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 160 Intelligence: 240
Dexterity: 250 Vitality: 190
Defence: 150 Magic Defence: 225


Upgrade Cost:

Lv. 50 + 100 Ashen Crystals

Strength: 170 Intelligence: 280
Dexterity: 280 Vitality: 240
Defence: 250 Magic Defence: 225


Upgrade Cost:

Lv. 80 + 20 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 180 Intelligence: 310
Dexterity: 310 Vitality: 270
Defence: 350 Magic Defence: 225

Oichi (Hero I).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero I)
Lv. 100 + 50 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 192 Intelligence: 331
Dexterity: 331 Vitality: 288
Defence: 470 Magic Defence: 225

Oichi (Hero II).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero II)
Lv. 120 + 150 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 202 Intelligence: 353
Dexterity: 353 Vitality: 308
Defence: 570 Magic Defence: 225

Oichi (Hero III).jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero III)
Lv. 130 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 212 Intelligence: 374
Dexterity: 374 Vitality: 328
Defence: 670 Magic Defence: 225

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero IV)
Lv. 140 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 223 Intelligence: 399
Dexterity: 397 Vitality: 350
Defence: 790 Magic Defence: 225

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero V)
Lv. 150 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 235 Intelligence: 427
Dexterity: 422 Vitality: 374
Defence: 932 Magic Defence: 225

Unknown Merc.jpg

Upgrade Cost:

Oichi (Hero VI)
Lv. 160 + 200 Ashen Jewels

Strength: 282 Intelligence: 512
Dexterity: 506 Vitality: 448
Defence: 1118 Magic Defence: 225



One of the few starting mercenaries that you can choose from during the "pregame". You can also recruit them at the mercenary seller near your starting town.

Similar Class

Gun Main, Gunner, Inventor, Janissary, Sheriff, Patriot

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