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Hidden Story 1 Quest

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Mission: Kill Slave Swordsman (0/25)
From: Utnapishtim
Experience: 20,000
Gold: 40,000g
Stamina: 1


It was terrible!! She could've just use them as workers.
If that was the case, I wouldn't have such a problem with it.

However, with her powers, she turned all of them
into strange warriors that follow her every bidding.

There's nothing we can do for them now, but we can help
release their pitiful soul from their enslaved body.

It's a bitter mission you must undertake, but
I need you to eliminate 25 Slave Swordsmen.

Now I'm done. Now you can go. Always wait for me to say that.

HINT: You can find the Slave Swordsmen in the Eastern Region.

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