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Location: Near the Valley of the Kings
Originally one of Egypt's guardian deities, he caused some trouble in the divine realm and was expelled to Earth by the Sun God Ra. Reborn in human form, he possesses magic that is nothing compared to a god, but is far beyond that of a human.

Oracle Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 76


1. Guess Who I Am...
2. (Party) Gatekeeper of the Night
3. (Party) The Damaged Charms
4. (Party) The Executioners
5. (Party) The Eyes of Obsidian
6. (Party) Guards of the Ancient Kings
7. (Party) Immortal Apophis
8. Preparing to Break the Sanctum
9. Breaking the Sanctum
10. (Party) Incarnation of the Night
11. The High Priestess

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