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Inventor Recruiting Quest Chain

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The Inventor Recruiting Quest Chain is started from Francesco. This quest chain requires your character to be level 84 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Request Condition Quest Francesco 30,000 50,000g
Request Condition 2 Quest Francesco 20,000 30,000g
The Seal of the Royal Family Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Francesco's Secret Request Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Crying Child Quest Lisa 8,000 20,000g
Calming a Child 1 Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
Calming a Child 2 Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
I'm So Busy Quest Caterina 25,000 30,000g
Lisa is Alone Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Children Like Candy Quest Caterina 25,000 50,000g
Miracle Cure Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Calming a Child 3 Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
What the Child Doesn't Have Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Mother's Fragrance Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Please Appease Her Again Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Calming a Child 4 Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
Dad's Smell 1 Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
The Ivory Pipe 1 Quest Francesco 25,000 30,000g
The Ivory Pipe 2 Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Dad's Smell 2 Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
The Shiniest Stone Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
The Best Material Quest Francesco 30,000 30,000g
Scent of a Man 1 Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Appeasing Lisa Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Do you know my dad's name? Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
Please Find My Dad Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
Francesco Might Know Something Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Can you do as I ask? Quest Francesco 8,000 50,000g
I Can't Tell You Easily Quest Francesco 30,000 50,000g
Tch, you are strong. Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Another Machine Shrine Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Oh, my God. Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Tears of Caterina Quest Francesco 25,000 20,000g
A Man's Resolution Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
(Party) First Test Quest Caterina 50,000 50,000g
(Party) Second Test Quest Caterina 40,000 30,000g
Appeasing the Child Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
A World Filled With Warmth Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
Help the World Quest Lisa 8,000 50,000g
Weeping Child Quest Lisa 8,000 10,000g
(Party) Collecting Diaries Quest Caterina 50,000 50,000g
What Da Vinci Recorded Quest Caterina 8,000 20,000g
Solving Your Own Problems Quest Caterina 60,000 100,000g
I Can't Ask You for Any More... Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g Ambrosia x10
This is not it... Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
(Party) Required Material Quest Francesco 60,000 150,000g
Machine Control Room Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
The Last Battle Quest Francesco 80,000 200,000g
Scent of a Man 2 Quest Francesco 8,000 10,000g
Oh, thank you! Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
The Happy Woman Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g Sealed Casket - Inventor x1
Girls Don't Cry Quest Lisa 10,000 10,000g
Thanks and Farewell Quest Caterina 8,000 10,000g
Man's Way Quest Francesco 20,000 30,000g
Another More Quest Francesco 20,000 30,000g
The Last Hope Quest Francesco 20,000 30,000g
Totals 924,000 1,450,000g
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