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Type: Misc
Fixed Price: 500 gold
Cannot be sold at auction

Cannot be crafted

Found in the Following Boxs

Artisan's Material Box


Elephant Cannoneer Low Level 105
Elephant Gunner Low Level 105
Elephant Warrior Low Level 105
Lost Elephant High Level 104
Violent Elephant High Level 105

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Ballpen 80
Quill 100
Ring of Blunt Spears 20
Ring of Broken Arrows 20
Ring of Dull Axes 20
Ring of Dull Swords 20
Ring of Empty Cannons 20
Ring of Null Magic 20
Ring of Wet Gunpowder 20
Ring of Wind 50
Ring of the Hero 50
Ring of the Phoenix 50
Ring of the Wiseman 50
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