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Location: North of Ostersund
Her brother, Percival of the Round Table, confined himself to a monastery after finding the Holy Grail. However, she followed her brother's path and became a knight. She is the proud leader of a sisterhood of beautiful virgin knights who worship the Holy Grail.

Lady Knight Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 95


1. The Virtue of Honor
2. (Party) The Virtue of Strength
3. The Virtue of Mercy
4. The Duty of the Knight
5. (Party) Memorandum of the Holy Grail Expedition
6. Expected Situation
7. (Party) Bors
8. The Perfect Knight
9. (Party) Dark Knight's Life
10. Known Secret Plan
11. (Party) Galahad
12. One Person Left
13. (Party) Irreversible Situation
14. Protector of Virgins
15. Waiting for Knights
16. (Party) Brother's Marks
17. The Great King, The Dangerous Queen
18. The Innocent Name of a Knight!
19. The Oath

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