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Location: Near Kyoto
A girl discovered inside a bamboo tree by an old man. Her beauty sparks many proposals. Even the Emperor presses her to get married. Unbeknownst to them, she is destined to return to the moon where she came from...

Cannoneer Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 87


1. Fight Alone?
2. Magic is Necessary, Too
3. (Party) Corps of Wicked Ghosts
4. Where Was I Born?
5. Training, training!
6. (Party) Ninja's Marble
7. The Secret of Goblin Castle
8. Hurry, Tell Everyone
9. (Party) A Strange Barbarian Gorilla
10. Oh! I am Mad!
11. The Hidden Ruler of the Garden
12. Another Beginning
13. The Hidden Keep
14. (Party) Let's Catch Their Leader!
15. Clatter Clatter
16. The Dark Secret Medicine
17. (Party) The Goblin Princess
18. Oni's Secret Medicine
19. Are You Ready?
20. (Party) Beat Obake

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