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Location: Near the entrance to Frozen Adlivun
Even at a young age, he is already a brave and adventurous boy just like his father. He moved to Greenland, following his father, but he feels that he has bigger dreams. He looks up to his father as a conqueror, but doesn't agree with father's superstitions.

Frozen Adlivun Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 98


1. My Father Sent You, Right?
2. Unexpected Circumstances
3. Helping the Inuits 1
4. Helping the Inuits 2
5. Hmm... Shall we?
6. That's really great!
7. Strange Characters
8. You are our hope.
9. Let's Take the Initiative!
10. Why do you think they've called us?
11. I am sure it will help!
12. The Undiscovered History 1
13. Something is fishy...
14. Hmm... Those Bastards!
15. The Undiscovered History 2
16. Interesting Existence
17. Dad, fighting!
18. What is this?
19. Let Me Think
20. I am sorry, dad!
21. This is really tough...
22. Memories
23. I Am Really Sorry
24. Please Save My Father
25. Please...

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