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Type: Wood
Fixed Price: 100 gold
Cannot be crafted

Found in the Following Boxs

Mercenary's Wooden Box


Beryl Watcher Very Low Level 49
Devil Tree High Level 11
Evil Sky Spirit Medium Level 3
Evil Tree High Level 9
Horrendous FleshForm Very Low Level 43
Mutated Tree Medium Level 12
Obsidian Watcher Very Low Level 48
Pillaging Invader Very Low Level 34
Rabalis Low Level 1
Rabalus Low Level 1
Rabeil Low Level 1
Sky Spirit Medium Level 1

Reward in Quests

Not a reward for any Known Quests

Craftable Items

Arabian House 100
Arabian School 205
Cherry Tree 50
Chinese House 100
Chinese School 205
Chosun House 100
Chosun School 205
European House 100
European School 205
Japanese House 100
Japanese School 205
Large Subarctic Tree 50
Large Temperate Tree 50
Large Tree 50
Large Tropical Tree 50
Maple Fishing Rod 700
Medium Subarctic Tree 20
Medium Temperate Tree 20
Medium Tree 20
Medium Tropical Tree 20
North European House 100
North European School 205
Papyrus 100
Small Subarctic Tree 18
Small Temperate Tree 18
Small Tree 18
Small Tropical Tree 18
Southeast Asian House 100
Southeast Asian School 205
Spirit Armor 1
Spirit Axe 4
Spirit Bow 4
Spirit Cannon 4
Spirit Gloves 1
Spirit Helmet 4
Spirit Instrument 4
Spirit Leggings 1
Spirit Orb 4
Spirit Power Saw 4
Spirit Rifle 4
Spirit Shield 4
Spirit Shoes 1
Spirit Spear 4
Spirit Staff 4
Spirit Sword 4
Spirit Whip 4
Spirit whip 4
Wooden Arrow 4
Wooden Music Sheet 5
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