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Medicine Crafting

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Work In Progress
  This page may contain old information that is nolonger relevent and it requires a review.

You can learn medicine crafting from Hua Tuo for a price, see Livingstone to find out his current location.

Craftable Items

Healing Potion (I) Level 1
Antidote (I) Level 3
Life Potion (I) Level 3
Mana Potion (I) Level 5
Elixir (I) Level 6
Healing Potion (II) Level 7
Stimulant (I) Level 7
Antidote (II) Level 8
Mana Potion (II) Level 9
Elixir (II) Level 10
Healing Potion (III) Level 12
Life Potion (II) Level 13
Stimulant (II) Level 14
Antidote (III) Level 15
Life Potion (III) Level 16
Mana Potion (III) Level 17
Elixir (III) Level 19
Mysterious Vial - Valor Level 20
Growth Vial (III) Level 20
Stimulant (III) Level 23
Mysterious Vial - Wisdom Level 25
Mysterious Vial - Death Level 30
Antidote (IV) Level 32
Healing Potion (IV) Level 35
Mana Potion (IV) Level 40
Elixir (IV) Level 45
Life Potion (IV) Level 50
Origin of Darkness Level 50
Growth Vial (IV) Level 53
Stimulant (IV) Level 55
Scroll of Enchant (No Trade) Level 57
Scroll of Enchant (No Trade) Level 58
Alchemist's Stone Level 60
Scroll of Enchant (No Trade) Level 62
Antidote (V) Level 65
Healing Potion (V) Level 68
Secret Vial of Potential (II) Level 70
Mana Potion (V) Level 71
Elixir (V) Level 74
Life Potion (V) Level 77
Growth Vial (V) Level 80
Stimulant (V) Level 83
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