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Minstrel Recruiting Quest Chain

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The Minstrel Recruiting Quest Chain is started from Nina Paganini. This quest chain requires your character to be level 100 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Taking a Breath Quest Nina Paganini 600,000 400,000g
I Wasn't Caught, Right? Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
I'm Back! Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
Who Came? Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
Ungrateful Child Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
Unspeakable Regrets Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
More Urgent Matter Quest Colins 725,000 650,000g
Trustworthy Informant I Quest Colins 425,000 675,000g
Pet Armadillo Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g
Loss of Efficiency Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g
Mysterious Magical Beings Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g
Weird Machines Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g
The Occasional Break Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g Secret Office Key x1
Strong Man's Information Quest Susan 45,000 75,000g Backstreet News x1
Latest News Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
Sheriff's Job Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
My Loving Home Quest Nina Paganini 825,000 750,000g
My Parents' Enemy Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
Trustworthy Informant II Quest Nina Paganini 425,000 675,000g Catherine's Room Key x1
Music Box Quest Nina Paganini 750,000 550,000g
Damn Bastard Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
News from the Mine Quest Colins 650,000 450,000g
Letter from Terrence Quest Colins 875,000 800,000g
Traitor? Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
Bad Feelings Quest Nina Paganini 975,000 950,000g
My Parents' Real Enemy Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
Don't Stop Me Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g
Shame Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
I'm So Sorry Quest Colins 62,500 72,500g
Unforgivable Kind Quest Nina Paganini 700,000 600,000g
Traitor's Last Moments Quest Nina Paganini 950,000 900,000g Small Diamond x20
Tears Quest Nina Paganini 62,500 72,500g Paganini's Instrument Case x1
Totals 9,107,500 8,937,500g
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