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Monk Dingxian

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Monk Dingxian.jpg
Location: Sea of Clouds Tower
A head of the Emei Denomination, a sect comprised of female monks in Mount Emei, China. Her belief is based on Buddhism but is also influenced by Taoism, and the sect accepts no secular monks. However, after predicting the future by the stars, she realized that the world was on the brink of endless chaos, and that a special person who would be the hope of the world would visit her.

Level 100 Upgrade Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 100


1. Fuhu Temple, Mount Emei
2. Multi-Hued Jewel
3. Wise Choice
4. Trainee's Talent I
5. Trainee's Talent II
6. The Meaning of Duan Lian
7. First Task
8. Blue-eyed Puppet Maker
9. Second Task
10. Meaning of Giving a Name
11. Third Task
12. Lending a Hand in Hard Times
13. Chosen Warriors
14. Fourth Task
15. Wonderful Drug
16. In Search of Hua Tuo
17. The Meaning of Rest
18. Final Task

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