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Nest of Insects Quest Chain

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The Nest of Insects Quest Chain is started from Narayan. This quest chain requires your character to be level 32 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
Important Crossroads Quest Narayan 4,000 10,000g
For an Easier Time Quest Narayan 4,000
Traffic Obstructions Quest Narayan 4,000 10,000g Roasted Mushroom x20
Trustworthy Adventurer Quest Narayan 4,000 10,000g Healing Potion (II) x10
Outlaw on the Street Quest Narayan 4,000 11,000g Life Potion (II) x3
Troublemaker on the Street Quest Narayan 4,000 11,000g Mana Potion (II) x10
Unfinished Love Quest Narayan 4,500 11,000g
Unreliable Looks Quest Li Kui 4,500 11,000g Ambrosia x5
I Misjudged You Quest Li Kui 4,500 Weapon Enchant Stone (II) x5
Better Weapons Quest Li Kui 4,500 11,000g
Population Control Quest Li Kui 5,000 12,000g Insect Equipment Box x5
Ally or Enemy Quest Li Kui 5,000 12,000g Patrol License (II) x5
Amazingly Fertile Quest Li Kui 5,000 12,000g Auto-Battle License (II) x2
Disgusting Larva Quest Li Kui 5,000 12,000g Life Potion (II) x7
Poison Can Be Medicine Quest Li Kui 5,500 13,000g Ambrosia x5
Poison Prevention Quest Li Kui 5,500 13,000g Antidote (II) x10
It Can't Be... Quest Li Kui 5,500 13,000g Armor Enchant Stone (II) x5
The Keepsake Quest Li Kui 5,500
Tragedy Quest Narayan 6,000 14,000g Life Potion (II) x7
There's Still Hope Quest Narayan 6,000 14,000g
Isn't this... Quest Li Kui 6,000 14,000g Life Potion (II) x3
Purify the Hearts Quest Li Kui 6,000 14,000g
Mana Energy Purified Quest Sachen 6,000 Scroll of Vortex (II) x5
The Power of Purification Quest Sachen 6,000
The Spider's Identity Quest Narayan 6,500 15,000g Insect Equipment Box x5
Dizziness Quest Narayan 6,500 15,000g
Before You Go Quest Narayan 6,500 15,000g
Please Help Him Quest Narayan 6,500
The Last Insect Quest Li Kui 10,000 30,000g Life Potion (II) x7
Tormenting Quest Li Kui 7,000 Scroll of Bewitching (II) x2
General Kshar Quest Narayan 7,000 15,000g
Mysterious Woman's Words Quest Narayan 7,000 30,000g
May His Soul Find Peace Quest Sachen 7,500 30,000g Scroll of Vortex (II) x3
Another Purifying Ceremony Quest Sachen 7,500 15,000g
Let's Share Drinks Someday! Quest Li Kui 7,500 50,000g Ambrosia x10
Next... Quest Li Kui 7,500
Totals 207,000 443,000g
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