Nina Paganini

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Nina Paganini.jpg
Location: Dallas Lawless District
She's Italian, but her family immigrated to North America a long time ago. Her family was famous for playing various musical instruments including the violin with amazing technique, but had to leave their hometown because they were accused of being evil. She went to Detroit to learn a more eccentric instrument and learned how to play the electric guitar, but returned to Dallas after Detroit became ruined.

Minstrel Recruiting Quest Chain
Minimum Level: 100


1. Taking a Breath
2. I Wasn't Caught, Right?
3. I'm Back!
4. Unspeakable Regrets
5. My Loving Home
6. My Parents' Enemy
7. Trustworthy Informant II
8. Music Box
9. Damn Bastard
10. Bad Feelings
11. My Parents' Real Enemy
12. Don't Stop Me
13. Unforgivable Kind
14. Traitor's Last Moments
15. Tears

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