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Oracle Recruiting Quest Chain

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The Oracle Recruiting Quest Chain is started from Nefertiti. This quest chain requires your character to be level 76 or above.


Name NPC Exp Gold Reward
The Cursed Desert Eagle Quest Nefertiti 15,000 30,000g
The Cursed Desert Camel Quest Nefertiti 20,000 40,000g
The Cursed Lionman Quest Nefertiti 25,000 50,000g
Lump of Mithril Quest Nefertiti 10,000 100,000g
Help Imhotep Quest Nefertiti 5,000 20,000g
Ominous Eagle's Blood Quest Imhotep 15,000 30,000g
The Stinking Body Fluids Quest Imhotep 20,000 40,000g
The Discolored Mane Quest Imhotep 25,000 50,000g
(Party) The Rotten Bandage Quest Imhotep 30,000 60,000g
Nefertiti Quest Imhotep 5,000 20,000g
Horus Quest Nefertiti 5,000 20,000g
Guess Who I Am... Quest Horus 5,000 20,000g
(Party) Gatekeeper of the Night Quest Horus 30,000 60,000g
(Party) The Damaged Charms Quest Horus 32,500 70,000g
(Party) The Executioners Quest Horus 35,000 80,000g
(Party) The Eyes of Obsidian Quest Horus 35,000 80,000g
(Party) Guards of the Ancient Kings Quest Horus 37,500 90,000g
(Party) Immortal Apophis Quest Horus 40,000 100,000g
Preparing to Break the Sanctum Quest Horus 25,000 100,000g
Breaking the Sanctum Quest Horus 5,000 20,000g
(Party) Incarnation of the Night Quest Horus 75,000 300,000g
The High Priestess Quest Horus 5,000 20,000g
Anck Su Namun Quest Nefertiti 25,000 50,000g Sealed Casket - Oracle x1
Totals 525,000 1,450,000g
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