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Benefits of a Party

While in a party you can join battles that the rest of your party are in, when you are in the same battle, the experience points are shared between all players in that battle. Unlike normal experience gained in battles, the experience is shared between all of your Mercenaries. Also after a battle (Doesn't matter if you are in the battle or not) you get some extra experience based on your level and the workload done in that battle. If you recieve 100 or more extra experience you will get one Experience Book per 100 extra experience.

Creating a Party

There are two ways to create a party, either by opening up the Instant Message window (Aka Whisper) and clicking on the party button (See image on Left side) or by right clicking on a player and selecting party from the menu (See image on Right side).

After you have clicked on party a new window will appear giving you the option to select what happens to loot when its picked up in a battle. You have three options:

1. Individual - Whoever picks up the loot keeps it
2. Random - It is randomly assigned to a player in the battle
3. Leader - All loot is given to the leader of the party (Whoever created it)

Long Distance Party

A long distance party is the same as a normal party except that you don't enter battles with your party, the benefit is that you still get the extra experience at the end of every battle that a member of your party is involved in as well as Experience Books if applicable. Note that you will be "Dragged" into a battle if you are close to a member of your party when they enter a battle.

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